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Today we walked our gear up to the high camp. We gained about 800m in altitude and the going was slow. Pierre and Peter flew back down to base camp (Kyle flew tandem with Pierre). Guy and Marianne had to walk down. Tomorrow we walk back up to high camp and wait there for a good summit day.

From Pierre:

“Everyone seems good – had a good flights. It was a good omen. I’m not a man of many words.”

From Peter:

“Life changing! Flying off this mountain is the first time I’ve flown off a mountain outside South Africa. First time I’ve flown from this altitude. There are no words to explain my personal achievement”.

From Kyle:

“Pierre said I needed to run fast so when we were waiting for the wind, I was like a coiled spring while waiting for the wind. When Pierre said “go” I probably dragged him along a bit, especially with the added tension with a huge cloud hanging across the valley. But not a bad place for a first flight.”

From Guy:

“Long slog today up to the next camp, but incredible views. Got some nice shots of the flights too.”

From Marianne:

“I can feel my face got badly burned today – feel a bit like a prune. Tried to bum slide my way back down to base camp and in the process got totally wet. Now back in base camp I feel very cozy in my down kit.”


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