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EVEREST UPDATE: Championing the Ice Jungle and Waiting on the Weather

Updated: May 4, 2022

Gorakshep, the last lodge before Everest Base Camp, comes into view.

Almost one month ago, Pierre and his trekking team set off to Nepal to hike to Everest Base Camp.

After a blissful and exciting few days exploring the chaotic yet enduring city of Kathmandu and attending many thrilling briefing sessions with Asian Trekking, the team set off and took to the mountains.

The Asian Trekking group

Receiving blessed scarves and enjoying local Nepalese beer

The first four days consisted of undulating landscapes, pine-filled forests, and comfortable tearooms. The snow-capped mountain tops were hidden due to the constant cloud coverage, but the awe-inspiring vistas fuelled our adventurous spirits.

We scaled up the many rugged slopes, stopping for rest and acclimatisation days in the acclaimed Namche Bazaar and Dingboche, sitting at 3,440 and 4,400 metres respectively.

Sacred painted blessing rocks punctuated our paths

The Team still clean and smiling

The colourful mountain town of Namche Bazaar

Crossing one of the many suspension bridges

Finally, on day 5, the clouds cleared to reveal the most dramatic mountain ranges this planet has to offer.

The sight of the majestic Himalayan Mountain Range, with the towering peaks of Aba Dablam, Lobuche, and Everest, took our breaths away—both literally and figuratively.

The Mighty Aba Dablam mountain peak

Traversing the valley footpaths of the tundra terrain - two days before Base Camp

Pierre receving his blessing for a safe journey

After 12 days of trekking among Earth's most mesmerising and memorable landscapes, Pierre and his team of merry meanderers reached Mount Everest Base Camp.

The trekkers were fortunate enough to spend two nights in the harsh yet enchanting environment that cradles the stem of the Khumbu Icefall, at 5,364 metres.

We Made It!

Our Family at the Asian Trekking Base Camp Home

Khumbu Icefall with Mount Everest peaking over on the top right

Luxury in our insulated igloo at Base Camp

Unfortunately, only three out of seven trekkers were strong enough to continue the four-day walk back to Lukla. The rest of the team took helicopters back to Kathmandu to heal at a safe altitude. The three trekkers completed their hike on the 19th of April.

Completing the hike in Lukla

Now, Pierre has been living at Base Camp for just over three weeks, embarking on acclimatisation hikes up Lobuche and all the way up to Everest Camp 3.

Pierre and his fellow Everest climbers receiving a blessing at their final Puja - a sacred offering to the Goddess of Everest

Traversing the Ice Jungle

Slowly does it...

Mount Everest Camp 2

Pierre has championed the infamous Icefalls and is now resting and recuperating before heading out for the final summit push on the 10th of May. He has finally received his paragliding permit, which allows him to take off from 8,000 metres.

If weather permits, Pierre will be summiting Mount Everest on the 15th of May, and hopefully, paragliding from Camp 4 with his Nova Double skin.

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed blog posts in the very near future!


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