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Everest: Our Upcoming Adventure to the Highest Point on the Planet

And we're off!

This April, Pierre and his group of avid explorers will be taking on Mount Everest Base Camp.

Once reached, Pierre will be undertaking the demanding yet ultimately rewarding hike to the highest peak of the planet - The Might Mount Everest.

Our flight to Kathmandu leaves at 7 pm on the second of April, and we depart for the first leg of our thrilling adventure on the sixth.

We will be meandering up rugged slopes, along cobblestone footpaths, and on the edge of some of the world’s most glorious mountain ranges.

We’ll witness rustic villages and unparalleled landscapes, eat delicious authentic curries (and drink plenty of yak milk), listen to the blissful sounds of the Nepalese country and mountain environments, meet a diversity of people (and puppies), and walk for an extended 15 days up and down the Himalayas.

Once the group of merry meanderers reaches Base Camp, Pierre will say his fond farewells as he continues his ascend, and the others will enjoy a smooth decline to decompress in Lukla and Kathmandu.

This is truly going to be a once in a lifetime event.

Pierre will be embarking on a further one-month climb up the snowy slopes of Everest. While he's still awaiting confirmation, he is preparing to fly off from Mount Everest's surrounding areas, completing one of the most unbelievable paragliding feats for 7Summits7Flights.

The Group

This fantastic group of wide-eyed intrepid hikers is among the most adventurous, curious, and wonderful people. The humble escort consists of:

  • Pierre Carter: The ultimate adventurer, hiker, and paraglider, Pierre is the quirky, fun-loving intrepid explorer who aims to champion the highest peaks on the planet.

  • Guy Carter: Older and wiser brother of Pierre, Guy is a kind soul with the best sense of humour. His love for the Swiss Alps and stunning vistas only fuels his need for adventure.

  • Alain Carter: Oldest brother of the Carter clan, Alain is down to earth and intelligent. He’s a keen runner and frequents the Drakensberg, a truly valuable member.

  • Georgia Carter: Daughter of Pierre, Georgia is a mountain meanderer and yoga enthusiast. Her deep love for the outdoors constantly calls her to the wilderness.

  • Jeremy Holdcroft: Best friend of Pierre, Jeremy is a true gentleman with a fierce passion for outdoor exploration and paragliding. Having completed many adventures with his mate, he couldn’t say no to this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

  • Leane Coetzee: Girlfriend of Jeremy, Leane’s loving and caring nature has seen her nurturing the group while making her own strides in hiking. She’s completed the 13 peak challenge in Cape Town and is ready to follow the footpaths in Nepal.

  • Peta Ann Holdcroft: Mother of Jeremy, Peta is a long time hiker, mountaineer, and world explorer. Her excited and gentle nature makes her an asset to the group.

  • Dan Hancox: Soon-to-be son-in-law of Guy, Dan is an ideal athlete, having completed many marathons and hiked many a mountain. His soothing nature, mixed with his witty humour, is a welcome and cherished addition to the group.

Follow Us

Follow Pierre’s exciting journey to the highest peak on the planet on one of Pierre’s social media pages: Facebook; Instagram.

We will be updating the blog and social media pages as regularly as possible.

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