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The extinct volcano of Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s most recognisable peaks. It rises dramatically above the dusty East African plains with the impressive snow-capped summit awarding awe-inspiring views of this magnificent landscape.

“Doubly happy, however, is the man to whom lofty mountain-tops are within reach.” John Muir

It is the highest top to bottom flight out of all the summits, where you land at the town of Moshi.




COUNTRY: Tanzania


SUMMIT: Kilimanjaro 


GPS CO-ORDINATES: S3 04.585 E37 21.240


ALTITUDE: 5895m / 19340 feet


BEST TIME OF YEAR: / August / September /December / January


TIME TO CLIMB: Days - 5/8


FRIENDS: Marianne Schwankhart, Kyle O'Donahue, Andrew Smith, Linda Wilimsa, Alistar Steuart, Guy Pitman, James Braid, Jeremy Holdcraft and many others....


PARAGLIDING: Pierre has flown from the mountain 4 times,  2 Tandems, and 1 Solo  from the summit, and once from the" School hut" at 5000m, with his involvement in "paraglidekilimanjaro", there will be many more times to come.


TIMES COMPLETED: 2011 Sept, 2017 Sept, 2018 July, 2019 Oct. ( with Mark Sedon and the KFC crew unfortunately the wind was to strong this time round ), With the "Fay" Family in 2021 Sep.


  • 1970's  Rudi Kischasi - Hang glider

  •  1980's  Bill Moyes and his son Steve Moyes - Hang glider

  • 1987 - 1st Paragliders  -  Christine Janin and Catherine Destivelle

  • 1999  Jan.  -  Zebulon Roche and Claire Bernier.

  • 2011 Sep.  -  First legal flight - Andrew Smith, Pierre Carter and Chris Lotter

  • Since the first legal flights many more have taken place with various operators. "Paraglidekilimanjaro" - now takes parties,  with many successful flights to their name.

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