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Everest Update: Up, Up, and Away

Updated: May 20, 2022

On Sunday the 15th of May, Pierre Carter took off from the South Col of the slopes of Mount Everest.

The last leg of the journey was pretty touch and go. After arriving at Camp 2 a week before, Pierre caught a horrible virus. Trying to overcome an illness at 7 000 metres is near impossible, and Pierre's fever had him sleeping outside of his sleeping bag despite the temperature closing in at -15 degrees.

Pierre gliding over Gorpa Shep and the Himalayas

When the day came that the climbers were to push on to Camp 3 and 4, Pierre thought he was too weak to continue. But his trusty Sherpa knew what to do. A good few puffs and breaths of rich oxygen refuelled his body and spirits, and had his legs working anew. So up he went.

The group arrived at Camp 4 on Friday the 13th. Early on Sunday morning, they received the weather report. The clouds were crashing and cascading above the mountains, and the breeze was picking up.

Pierre had a choice to make - climb to the summit with the group or wait out the wind and clouds and take off.

As always, Pierre chose the skies.

After the group had successfully summited at 11 am, the winds died down, and the clouds dispersed.

Pierre made his way up to the South Col and set up his NOVA DOUBLE SKIN glider.

The South Col of Everest

Looking down on Camp 2

A flying perspective of Mount Everest and the western crown with Mount Lohtse at the valley head

Approaching Base Camp through the clouds

Taking off was certainly a challenge, and not the kind one would expect. With little to no wind, Pierre discovered that he would have to make a strenuous run for it. At 8 000 metres, this is an extremely exhausting exercise.

But run he did, and soon enough, Pierre took to the skies and soared above the Himilayas.

Heading to Gorpa Shep

His flight took him to Gorpa Shep, the closest lodge to Everest Base Camp.

Pierre coming in to land

Falling over upon landing due to his giant 8000 metre boots, but Pierre is elated to have achieved his dream

Pierre's unbelievable flight earned him the title of the fourth man to ever paraglide off Everest. Having received his permit beforehand, Pierre is officially the first man to ever paraglider off Everest with permission.

After achieving a lifelong goal, Pierre is currently making his way back down the undulating mountain range, retracing his steps through the seemingly endless valleys and lush pine forests. He's happy to be back in oxygen-rich atmospheres and warmer climates.



2 comentarios

Kevin Shoulder
Kevin Shoulder
20 may 2022

Wow fantastic achievement. Congratulations Pierre!

Me gusta

Emma Hanly
Emma Hanly
20 may 2022

What an incredible feat and inspirational story! Huge congratulations to Pierre for fulfilling such a colossal dream.

Me gusta
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