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Day 2 - Kilimanjaro


We started the walk yesterday after we dropped off all the goods at the school close to the Rongai Gate and we got super excited as it felt really good to do something for the local community here.

We did a very short first walk although we gained 600m in altitude. Today is was a slightly longer walk we gained 800m in altitude and now sitting at 3400m.

We did a short climatization walk this afternoon where we gained another 200m.

Now we back at camp playing lie dice and drinking whisky. Everyone is in great spirits and the main connection between is a sense of humor. In fact there is no room for anyone to feel sensitive in this group.

We are however in the clouds, so we still haven’t seen the mountain. Other than a very short glimpse of it this morning that was covered in clouds 3 seconds later.

We are aiming to summit on Friday if all goes according to plan.


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