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It’s Sunday morning.  We leave tonight.  I’m not sure how, but somehow we still have to pack, put sponsor stickers on gliders, test satellite modem, go shopping, attach remote cameras to glider and test them, update my ipod, find my missing walking stick…   I’m sure I’ve left out a few.  Instead of letting stress get to me I thought updating our blog will distract me a bit.  It’s sort of helping.

Anyway, I figure, if I keep a list and tick things off as I do them, we should be fine.   Problem is, the list keeps growing.  It’s not like we left everything for the last day – every minute of the last month has been packed with getting stuff sorted.  On top of that my general workload felt like it’s doubled during the world cup so I couldn’t run around during work hours to sort expeditions stuff like I normally would.

We have a long flight to Amsterdam where we connect to Moscow, so between now and then, I’ll remember what I’ve left behind and send an update.



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