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The Day After


We got up this morning and packed quickly before the weather pulled in. However, we were sopping wet by the time we got down. Nothing like a hot shower and dry clothes. We immediately went for some pizza and beers and then fell asleep for a few hours. No doubt that tonight will be a big party in the only pub in town….

It’s all starting to settle down. I can think back on the last week and particularly yesterday. I must say, I felt slightly removed from myself. But in a good way. Although the summit was full of people, they were all generally friendly. A couple of them knew about us. Seems that news travel fast in the mountain world. Some guys had read about us in the London Times and other had seen us on CNN. So looks like the word is getting out there.

From Pierre:

“Was fantastic. We got down the mountain. The hardest tandem take off I ever had to do. Congrats to everyone in the team. I’m sick at the moment but am elated. One down six to go.”

From Peter:

“I’ve never seen Pierre and Marianne ever out of breath and they were exhausted – I didn’t think it was possible. Words cant explain how extatic I feel for them.”

From Kyle:

“It was much much harder than I thought. Especially shooting at that altitude was quite tough. I was very relieved to see Pierre and Marianne disappear into the distance. All and all a very good experience.”

From Guy:

“It was tough. But shooting it was amazing – it was scenically incredibly beautifull. We were really lucky with the weather except for the lack of wind. So we had to wait for three hours.”

From Marianne

“I feel very relieved that we’ve done our first mountain. Wish I could do the flight again just to try and take it all in. It all happened very fast. But what an experience – so wild!!!”


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