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We left camp at 4am. It was a long and hard slog to the summit. Much harder than any of us thought. I had a pounding headache most of the way up. The going was very slow. Pierre has a bad chest infection and took strain. The film crew are amazing! They’re so strong and always running up and down to get the shot. Peter stayed at camp.

We reached the summit around 11am. Although it was a perfect summit day, it certainly wasn’t a day for flying. There was no wind and with the small summit and our tandem, it wasn’t ideal. We tried to run fast down the summit to pick up enough speed to start flying, but running fast at altitude isn’t really possible. Twice we crashed in soft snow and had to walk back up again. The 3rd time there was a hint of a breeze and we gunned it. Everything happened so fast but eventually we were airborne! It was wild! Pierre says it was by far the scariest takeoff he’d ever done (both single or tandem). We landed safely. It took me quite a while to find myself again. Now after a cup of tea I can recall some feelings and I can only say that, apart from many crazy experiences, this totally blew my mind. Pierre was absolutely in control and I have no doubt that he’ll accomplish his dream. Kyle and Guy unfortunately have to walk down… We’ll have tea ready for them.



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