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One down, six to go...


We’re back in Joburg. Pierre and I were going to stay on and climb some of the other mountains, but due to some fighting on the Georgian border, we couldn’t get permits. Pierre is also still recovering from his chest infection. I slept very well in my own bed last night after a very long flight. After a good cup of coffee it already feels like it was much longer ago that we were slogging up that mountain. That’s how these trips go – it’s only real when you’re there. In between we have to work very hard to get the next trip going. And that’s what we’ll be doing from today on. Hopefully, if all goes well, we’ll be in Argentina in December and if it goes really well, we’ll also do Vincon in Antarctica in the same season. If you enjoy our work and following our progress, please help our cause by donating to The Trust – just click on “make a donation” button on our website that will take you through the process. Thanks for all the support so far!!! Marianne


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