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Last Minute Expeditions


We only got funding to buy tickets a week ago so everything is very last minute. Luckily Pierre and I have done a couple of trips to South America so it was pretty easy to sort it out. We also had fantastic help from some sponsors again – Evosat supplied us at the last minute with a satellite modem and air time again, Sat4Rent supplied us with a phone and some free minutes, First Ascent is letting us try out their new backpacks and duffle bags, and Blue Eye has given us some super duper cool looking sunglasses and goggles!!! So, provided we have some sun to charge batteries, we’ll be updating our website every couple of days.

We leave on Xmas day to Cape Town to hook up with the film crew. On the 26th we leave for Buenos Aires and continue to Mendoza. We’ll do our food shopping in Mendoza and from there will take a 4 hour bus trip to the next town where we’ll meet our donkeys to help carry all our stuff to Base Camp (BC). It’s about 50km to BC which we’ll do over 3 days – slowly enough to acclimatize nicely. From there we will become the donkeys to ferry loads higher up the mountain. The rest will depend on the weather……



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