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Climbing Kilimanjaro


We’re arrived at Moshi and spent the day looking for possible landing spots. With a lot of last minute changes, we are now 14 climbers, of which 10 are pilots and two of them tandem pilots. We’ve only seen the mountain once, from above as we came in to land, and after that we disappeared under this thick layer of cloud that hasn’t moved since. It looks like it will probably stay for the week so the changes of getting a clear view of the mountain is pretty slim. However, the clouds stop at about 4 500 so the first part of our flight should be spectacular. Everyone’s in great spirit and already we’ve separated the clowns from the serious ones, so we’re in for a good treat all the way up the mountain. The one thing that I can say, is that I’m a little nervous on the height in altitude that we gain from the start. It looks like a really long way to the top. So we’ll be taking it a slow as possible…. Tomorrow we drop off our school supplies of stationary pack, portable school desks and hygiene products before we start the Rongai route. More from the mountain…..


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