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We had a hell of a trip to get to Mendoza. Jhb – – Ctp – BA – Mendoza. It took 24 hours with a lot of waiting in between. When we arrived in Mendoza there was no one to fetch us (which was organized and paid before hand). So tired and hot we found a taxi and hotel at midnight.

This morning we went to pay our permits and about to go shopping in about 40 degree heat! I cant wait for the mountains where it will be a bit cooler. Later today we’ll drive to the village we leave for the mountain from. It will be our last chance for showers and cold beers. From there we’ll rely on our solar power to upload pix and news on our site. We hope it works…..

Oh, the one good thing is that we managed to sneak our 220kg on all the flights without paying excess luggage! What a relief!!!! We expect our food to add an extra 70kg to the mix…….


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